That Moment, Part Deux

The moment of reckoning arrived. One year ago I came to Silverwood theme park and attempted to ride an old wooden roller coaster I hadn't been on since college. Much to my mortification, I attempted to get on, but the lap bar wouldn't close. Since I chose the front row, in front of everyone already … Continue reading That Moment, Part Deux


Get Into Your Own Head

I was struggling on getting into my workout the other morning. It's not uncommon for me to get onto my exercise bike, turn music on my phone, and watch Netflix on my tablet with subtitles, binging my latest show. I tend to multitask, but sometimes it doesn't work out so well. This particular morning, it … Continue reading Get Into Your Own Head

Beat the Birthday Binge

Mine and my son's birthdays were this month, and it got me thinking about how we celebrate birthdays, and giving gifts. Growing up, birthdays were always about where people wanted to eat. The birthday guy/gal gets to pick where to have a special dinner with the family, and as they become adults, gifts become a … Continue reading Beat the Birthday Binge

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

We went to the ballpark this weekend to watch our local triple A team play; the Tacoma Rainiers. There is something intimate and nostalgic about going to a minor league game. You're closer to the field, so you feel more immersed in the game. It was a first for my daughter, who honestly cared less … Continue reading Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Your Physique vs. Your Physical

What is your first thought when you think about getting fit? Is it fitting into a bikini? Being more comfortable in an airplane seat? Getting back down to your high school weight? As a culture, we have put incredible importance on the size of our waistband. When we strive to get healthy, it tends to … Continue reading Your Physique vs. Your Physical

Kid’s, Take a Walk!

Nothing like having kids to give you a new perspective on getting healthy. It's one thing when you're single to succumb to your indulgences, but when you have a mini-you watching every move you make, it can be necessary to check yourself. Getting caught up in the laziness of being a couch potato and eating … Continue reading Kid’s, Take a Walk!